Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Rhubarb Surprise

Mix up one yellow cake mix following the directions on the box. Pour into a greased cake pan.
Put three cups of chopped rhubarb over the top.
Sprinkle one cup of sugar over the top of that.
Pour a pint of whipping cream over the top of that. (I only had half and half and that worked fine)

Bake according to the cake mix (mine needed an extra five minutes)….It isn’t really pretty looking when it comes out. To serve it, flip the portion upside down. Whip cream would be WONDERFUL on this.

The cream and sugar makes a custard like pudding on the bottom of the pan. Definitely try this recipe…if you like rhubarb, you’ll love it! I would refrigerate it…and it’s even better the next day….yum.

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